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Vanity Fair Standard Poodles and Poodle Rescue in New Jersey

vanity standard poodles and poodle rescue

Bruno requires a home

Bruno is the sweetest, most adorable little toy poodle you will ever want to meet.
He is one year old and weighs 8 pounds.
He started life apricot in color but he has lightened to a white with creamy tips.  


standard poodle puppies


 - with over over 40 years experience in grooming, foster care, boarding, and exhibiting, we offer

GROOMING, all dogs blown dry by hand, hand scissored, NO cage drying

BED 'N' BISCUIT BOARDING, your dog stays overnight with me, even sleeping on the bed! (if they can find room)


- to place all puppies, adults and fosters in forever homes that offer love, enrichment, and safety

- to continue to exhibit my own dogs at AKC shows

- to be part of educational processes that encourage responsible dog ownership

- to continue the stand against exploitation of all dogs, i.e. dealers, mills, backyard breeders, as well as those who cross breed our poodles. Further, to encourage individuals to patronize local rescue/shelters rather than purchasing a designer "mix"


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Vanity Fair Standard Poodles New Jersey
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